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Trusted Our Pool Service

Trusted Our Pool Service

What we offer ?

Pool covers are the ultimate for safety, increasing water temperature, eliminating evaporation, stops algae forming, keeping dirt/debris out the pool and save on chemicals + electricity, then look no further.

The safety cover is the only pool cover that offers maximum safety and sets the standard for pool covers.

Unlike most PVC pool covers this cover prevents rain water from accumulating on top of the cover, something that poses a threat to curious toddlers.

The backbone of the cover is the 32mm diameter lightweight Aluminum poles built into the cover.

The poles run in the width of the pool and are spaced 1m apart, it extend approximately 30cm over the paving so the poles rest on the paving & the cover rest on the poles.

Seeing that the cover is suspended from the water it enable us to punch a series of 8mm drainage holes into the cover allowing rain water and irrigation water to drain into the pool.

The Safety cover forms a complete barrier over the pool and prevents a child from squeezing underneath the cover.

These covers has a good weight tolerance and can support a weight of 120kg, however we only market this cover with a maximum weight tolerance of 80kg.

We don’t want to give the impression that the kids could play or drive with the bikes on the cover because there is risk of the Aluminum poles bending out of shape and this could result in a call out fee. This aesthetically stylish cover is available in 4 different colors so you can incorporate it with the decor of your home.

We use a 600gsm to 700gsm PVC specifically for the use of swimming pool covers because its U.V. treated & chemical resistant and come with a 3 Year Warranty. Expected lifespan is between 2-5 years Depends on climate conditions.

The PVC is joined with high frequency heating, no glue is used because it will come undone after a year and no stitching is used because it will perforate your cover.

Seeing that the cover is not in direct contact to the chemical water it will extend the lifespan significantly and also it won’t influence the performance of the pool cleaner under the cover.

Not only do the drainage holes drain rainwater into the pool it also acts as ventilation by preventing chemical gasses from building up underneath the cover.

The Safety cover does not require hooks and eyelets, it works with a ratchet system that is generally very easy to use but complicated enough for children so it acts like a safety device.

When securing the cover no physical strength is needed to create the required tension.

This has the huge benefit that the pool user will be more likely to replace the cover after using the pool.

To use the cover, it will be much quicker and easier if you are two people but one person would be able to open half the pool cover if it’s just for using the shallow end.

To open the cover, undo the ratchets, take the starting pole by the end and fold the cover with the poles over one another without any difficulty.

The entire cover can be position on the paving at the deep end when not in use or stored away.

To fit the cover you will do the exact opposite, once the cover is over the pool you will tighten the ratchets into place and restrict all access to the pool.

To avoid stumping your toes on the protruding stainless steel anchor bolts, we have designed it in such a way that you can unscrew it by hand form the drop in socket that’s fitted flush with the paving.



We deliver fast and quality safety pool cover service all year long.


We offer an owner managed hands-on service with all our installations.


All our products are made with exreme precision and care with a no-quesions-asked guarantee.


We have 4 safety pool cover options to choose from.


Covering your pool with our safety covers will save you money.


Our Products are of the highest quality and its neat appearance makes it easy on the eye.

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